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We sincerely welcome your visit to the homepage of Donghae Machinery, a company specializing in excavator parts.

For the past 25 years since its establishment in 1998, Donghae Machinery Co., Ltd. has grown by satisfying the needs of customers along with the company's love of all employees, substantial management and the development of the heavy equipment industry. Donghae Machinery Co., Ltd. does not settle for this, but continues its sincere passion for a future-oriented leap forward. Donghae Machinery Co., Ltd. is not arrogant, listens to each and every one of them, and develops products by standing in the customer's position when making products. Also, with a perfect environment/quality management system, 100% On-Time Delivery ensures zero customer complaints.

The world's business environment is changing rapidly. In response to this trend, Donghae Machinery Co., Ltd. promises to do our best to advance into the world with the solid technology accumulated in Korea and the will to actively introduce it. In addition, our company promises to become a great partner for the future of our customers by realizing the potential value hidden in uncertainty.
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CEO of Donghae Machinery Co., Ltd. Jang Kyung-soo